From stress and anxiety to poor circulation, there are many health conditions that can benefit from the natural detoxifiers that spa-quality body therapy treatments provide. If you haven’t ever tried a natural spa treatment, it can be challenging to know which service will be most beneficial for your particular concerns. Visiting a total-wellness spa can help, and speaking with a professionally trained aesthetician can help determine which treatment is best for you. In today’s post, we’ll review three specific body therapy treatments and discuss the benefits of each service.

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Steam Sauna

As a relaxing and natural detoxifier, enjoying time in a steam sauna carry several therapeutic benefits. These specialty steam rooms use heat to open up your pores, releasing any toxins that may be trapped beneath your skin’s surface. This results in your skin feeling refreshed and you may even experience more even skin tone. Additionally, the conditions in a steam sauna may also slow the production of cortisol in your body, reducing your stress levels. Aside from these benefits, studies have shown that steam saunas also have the potential to improve circulation and lower blood pressure.

Body Scrub

Regardless of the season, if you frequently suffer from skin that is itchy, rough, and dry, spa-quality body scrub treatments may provide the relief that you have been looking for. Regular body scrubs provide the much-needed exfoliation and hydration that your skin needs to look its best. When the dead skin cells are removed from your skin’s top layer, it is better able to absorb the minerals and oils it needs to maintain a radiant, youthful appearance. In addition to the skin-related benefits of body scrubs, they are also an effective way to promote relaxation and energize your senses.

Seaweed Wrap

Because they offer so many versatile benefits, nearly everyone can benefit from getting a seaweed wrap. During this treatment, minerals and vitamins are directly diffused into your skin, which can aid in body contouring and promote healthy skin. Seaweed is a natural detoxifier, and there is usually an element of heat involved in these treatments, causing you to perspire. As you sweat, your body eliminates impurities. In addition to their skin contouring and detoxifying benefits, seaweed wraps may also improve your skin’s appearance by promoting collagen production, increased blood flow, and the generation of new skin cells.

Sioux Falls Body Therapy Spa

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