We offer you the best of therapeutic and relaxation massage along with traditional herbal treatments. With a personalized consultation, we will suggest a specific bodywork technique that will relax, detoxify, and balance your body.

The key to an effective massage is to express your needs and concerns with your therapist. Let them know your preferences regarding pressure, oils, or lotions, and areas to focus on or avoid.

Swedish Massage

This classic form of a full body massage stimulates circulation and relaxes the body, providing a feeling of tranquility and heightened well being.

30 min $57
50 min $85
80 min $124

Deep Tissue Massage

An intensified version of the Swedish Massage, our deep tissue massage uses specialized techniques to release muscle tension and enhance detoxification of the body.

30 min $62
50 min $93
80 min $135

Soothing Hot Stone Massage

Allow the warmth of radiant river rocks to literally melt the stress out of your muscles. This unique therapy combines luxurious heat with fluid massage strokes to calm the mind and wash away any tension. See the stone massage treatment room.

50 min $93
80 min $135

“Calm” CBD  Enhanced Massage

Deepen the benefits of your massage with our organic full spectrum hemp-derived, CBD,  long used for its healing benefits.  This high grade, organic CBD oil is crafted through a unique proprietary method of nanotechnology for maximum product penetration. This CBD enhanced massage is designed to stimulate an overall sense of health and well being, associated with reducing pain and inflammation, calming the nervous system, and regulating sleep. Our CBD products are Organic and 100% THC free,  tested by a 3rd party lab for quality, and purity.

50 min $110
80 min $160

Massage for Couples

Enhance your romance in our unique couples’ suite while you relax to the ambiance of soft music and candlelight. This massage for couples is a tranquil experience as you and a loved one enjoy each other’s company while you both unwind with a classic 50-minute Swedish Massage. The experience includes spa refreshments that are served in a private and relaxing setting that will enhance your special time together.

2 massages (50 min each) $199

Massage for Two (mothers/daughters/friends)

Nothing is better than a day at the spa to celebrate the bond between a mother and daughter or between good friends. Relax in our unique double suite and enjoy each other’s company while you treat yourself to the therapeutic benefits of massage. Light refreshments are included.

2 massages (50 min each) $199

Prenatal Massage

Our special prenatal massage is a wonderful way to relax and ease the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. You and your baby will be comfortably supported by our special pregnancy pillows or by our exclusive pregnancy massage table.

50 min $85
Aromatherapy Oil Blend (add-on) $10