Radiance Day Spa



Indulge yourself with nourishing muds and minerals, aromatic herbs, and botanicals with extracts rich in nutrients and relaxation properties. The ingredients in every treatment are as natural as the healing processes they promote.

Sage & Salt Body Glow

Mineral rich Dead Sea Salt is perfectly blended with extracts of Sage, Rosemary and Citrus to stimulate circulation and slough away dull, flaky skin. This invigorating and highly effective full body scrub will soften the skin, leaving it smooth and polished.

50 min $100
80 min (includes a hydrating massage) $150

Radiance Blue Juniper Body Scrub

This indigenous and exclusive Radiance ritual is highly effective at hydrating and exfoliating the body. A special blend of fresh Juniper, Cypress and Flax Seed is applied to absorb toxins and tone the skin. Your skin is polished and your senses uplifted.

50 min $100
80 min (includes a hydrating massage) $150

Lemon Verbena Body Polish

Fresh Lemon Verbena and gentle buffing grains are blended with Ruby Grapefruit and Blood Orange to exfoliate and soften the skin. This treatment is highly effective on dry, sensitive skin types. This treatment is both uplifting and energizing to the senses.

50 min $100
80 min (includes a hydrating massage) $150

Seaweed Toning and Detoxifying Wrap

A mineralizing treatment designed to stimulate your lymphatic system and restore healthy body tone. This treatment begins with a unique dry brushing ritual followed by the application of a mineral rich serum. Your body is comfortably wrapped  in warm blankets while a calming scalp and facial treatment  provide deep relaxation. This restorative treatment leaves your skin detoxified, rejuvenated, and  nourished.

80 min $140

Radiant Clay Wrap

A warm Vichy shower follows a full body exfoliation using a blend of mineral rich Dead Sea Salt blended with Sage, Rosemary and Citrus. You are then wrapped with a hydrating mud and cocooned to allow for powerful mineralizing, purifying and detoxifying properties to transform your skin. This luxurious treatment includes a relaxing scalp massage and leaves your skin nourished, softer and more radiant.

80 min $160

165 min (includes a 50 min massage) $225

Raindrop Therapy

Essential oils are dispensed like little drops of rain along the spine to promote relaxation and healing. This unique therapy was created by Dr. Gary Young, N.D., and a Lakota Medicine Man almost two decades ago. The treatment utilizes essential oils drawn from native plants such as sage and fir. This therapy increases blood circulation and detoxifies deep muscle tissue, while bringing the body back into balance. It also relieves mental and emotional stress, bringing about a sense of well being that can last days, weeks, or months. A truly heavenly experience!

50 min $83

Soothing Sole Retreat

Your sole treatment will include a warm stone foot soak in a copper basin; followed by a sea salt glaze foot scrub and stimulating hand and foot massage. Finishing with aromatherapy paraffin and heated stones all while relaxing in a private room.

45 min $70
couples $140

Infrared Sauna By Pure Infra™

Renew Float Lounge provides the patent pending infrared technology from Pure Infra. In order to experience the maximum benefit of both therapies, we suggest a 20-30 minute sauna session before your float. Enjoy your choice of music and chromotherapy lighting in this touch screen state of the art infrared sauna. The sauna will start your relaxation time as well as open your pores, allowing for greater absorption of magnesium, the significant healing element found in the float cabins epson salt solution. Please schedule sauna session at the time of scheduling you float session to ensure availability of the sauna.

Single Session: $20

Aromatic Steam Bath

Enjoy the detoxifying and therapeutic benefits of a steam sauna. In both the men’s and the women’s locker facility we have added a steam room for our clients to enjoy. Our saunas open directly into to the treatment room for your convenience and privacy. We suggest adding an aromatherapy fragrance to enhance this experience.

15 min $15

A 15-minute steam in our steam room is included in most of our body treatments. Please notify reception at the time of scheduling your appointment if you do not prefer this as part of your service.