Radiance Day Spa



Take a break from the pressures at work and return with new energy and confidence. At Radiance you can experience the ultimate in relaxation, knowing that we provide facilities exclusively for men.

The Gentlemen’s Facial

This relaxing and effective treatment is designed to deep clean and soothe environmentally exposed skin. Pure plant based products from Naturopathica designed specifically for men are fortified with vitamins and anti-oxidants to ensure visible results. A soothing exfoliation, facial massage and re-hydration are part of this treatment. A shoulder, as well as a hand and foot massage are included.

50 min $80

Arnica Muscle and Joint Massage

Mountain wild crafted Arnica blended with Warming Rosemary and Bay Laurel, known for their powerful anti-inflammatory properties will promote circulation and relieve any muscle soreness and stiffness.

50 min $80
80 min $120

Gentlemen’s Manicure

A well-manicured man is certainly a symbol of success. This treatment will trim and shape your nails, perfect cuticles, hydrate and massage your hands. Your hands will be smooth, refreshed and impeccably groomed!

30 min $38

Gentleman’s Pedicure

Recline in complete comfort as your feet receive the ultimate attention. You will start with a soothing foot soak and then your nails will be trimmed and shaped. Special attention is given to calloused areas during an effective sea salt exfoliation for both legs and feet. You will finish with a pressure point leg and foot massage featuring peppermint and tea tree to restore vital energy.

50 min $72

Gentleman’s Retreat

This package is designed especially for our male clientele to escape the pressures of the day. Unwind with an Arnica Deep Tissue Massage, relieving tension in your muscles, while allowing your mind to let go. A Gentlemen’s Manicure attends to your hard-working hands. Finally, enjoy an energizing Eucalyptus Steam and shower to leave stress behind.