For only the best in aromatherapy oils and products, Radiance Day Spa uses TARA products for the majority of our aromatherapy services. The aromatherapy and Ayurvedic collections are distinctive, pure, and very powerful.

Tara Donna Grodjesk, president of TARA Spa Therapy, diligently studied with five masters of aromatherapy and collaborated with a master perfumer to develop aroma blends to her exact specifications – delightful to the senses and therapeutically effective. TARA Spa Therapy Ayurvedic products promote health and harmony in the body by faithfully following Ayurvedic traditions and principles that have been effective for centuries. They can assist the skin in cell rejuvenation, slow the aging process, improve circulation, release energy blockages, and dissolve stress.

As a certified massage therapist, holistic health educator, and certified ayurvedic practitioner, Tara was the first to introduce Ayurvedic treatments to the spa industry, adding a new dimension to spa programming that was previously predominated by classic European spa treatments.

TARA Spa Therapy, Inc. believes that health and fitness facilities should incorporate services and products that truly support wellness of body, mind, and spirit. With a solid foundation of health and well-being, individuals have the opportunity to experience greater fulfillment in personal and professional life.

To learn more about her holistic spa products, visit www.taraspa.com