To say Sonya Dakar is passionate about skin is an understatement. Ever since her professional launch 30 years ago, her mission hasn’t wavered: to give everyone the chance to achieve great skin.

Understanding the physical discomfort and severe emotional burden caused by problem skin, Sonya Dakar began to formulate professional skin care products to alleviate suffering and treat common conditions such as acne, scarring, discoloration, irritation, and aging. Going hand in hand with her sought-after products are the original Sonya Dakar Signature Treatments.

What started out as Sonya performing facials in the guest house of her family home has blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon. Her facials are legendary. Sonya Dakar products are now available at select high-end salons and spas worldwide and through the company’s website.

Often called Hollywood’s Fairy “Skin” Mother, top stars rely on Sonya and her products for beautiful skin. Her devotees include Drew Barrymore, Kirsten Dunst, Britney Spears, Debra Messing, Denise Richards, LeAnn Rimes, Neve Campbell, Luke Wilson, and many more.

Sonya Dakar believes that taking care of the skin is just like taking care of the body. While spending hours in the gym to get fit may not be anyone’s idea of bliss, the payoff in terms of how you look and feel are incredible. The same can be said about skin care — with the right tools, effective products, and a diligent attitude, the results are sure to follow.

After being an underground buzz for many years, Sonya Dakar launched the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in 1984. Over the years, a complete and comprehensive product line was developed so that everyone can benefit from her wisdom.

To learn more about her revolutionary skin products, visit www.sonyadakar.com.