Radiance Day Spa offers many treatments designed to aid in lymphatic stimulation. Our bodies have many detailed systems that are essential our overall health. When these systems are functioning properly, our body can perform at its optimal capacity. Our lymphatic system is a series of nodes and vessels that are connected to organs and tissue, all of which play an essential role in our overall health and well being. This system works to process and filter our waste, toxins, and excess hormones. It also plays a key role in assisting our body’s ability to fight infection by circulating our white blood cells. This system creates antibodies so the body can react promptly, creating a rapid response to cellular invaders.

The lymphatic system does not have its own circulatory pump, like its neighboring main circulatory system that pumps blood around the body, and it only circulates in one direction. This means the system relies on the movement of our muscles and diaphragm to circulate its fluid. Have you ever popped a pimple and witnessed a clear or white fluid release after a good squeezing? This fluid is from your lymphatic system, and it is created in an attempt to combat infection under the skin. This system is highly underrated, however, it is vital to our body’s ability to nourish and regenerate tissue, detoxify, filter out metabolic waste, and keep our immune system healthy. Warning signs that your lymphatic system may be backed up include: allergies, acne (especially cystic), fatigue, swollen glands in your neck or underarm area, and recurring colds or sickness.

There are some simple ways that you can assist your lymphatic system release its built up toxicity. One way is with exercise; moving your muscles moves your lymph. Another way is getting a facial or massage, as this also works to move and flush the fluid buildup. Deep breathing activates the diaphragm muscles and pumps the fluid out of the body. Dry brush exfoliation or an all-over body salt scrub of the skin with even, gentle strokes will help move the lymph fluid for it to be released. When performing the exfoliation, it is essential to always use motions that move the lymph fluid in the direction of the heart. Doing this allows the fluid to be released by the body as waste.

Drink plenty of water, take a deep breath, get a relaxation massage, and free your body from toxic lymph build up! Schedule your appointment for one of our body therapy services today!