Our skin happens to be one of the largest organs in our body. Natural detoxification of the skin is essential to the health and wellbeing of this important organ. As our body’s first layer of protection from external pathogens, our skin also helps the body release processed toxins in the form of sweat. When the outer layers of the skin become very dry and dead skin is compiled, the skin has a harder time excreting these toxins and build up can occur.

Seaweed happens to be a natural detoxifier, and the chlorophyll that gives seaweed its green color is the substance that is responsible for drawing out the toxic waste products from our bodies. Seaweed also offers protection from a wide variety of environmental toxins such as heavy metals, pollutants, and radiation by products. Seaweed converts these harmful environmental toxins into benign salts that the body can easily eliminate. Seaweed is blood purifying, alkalizing, and high in calcium. This powerful antioxidant is also rich in iodine, which the body uses in the thyroid gland to boost the body’s metabolism. Seaweed also has a natural ability to break down fat cells and shrink the appearance of cellulite.

At Radiance, we use only the highest quality ingredients from our cleanly sourced Naturopathica product line. Our seaweed wrap is based on the detoxifying properties and the proprietary blend of ingredients in the Naturopathica seaweed serum. When you receive a Seaweed Body Wrap at Radiance Day Spa, we begin your service with a dry brush exfoliation of the entire body in order to remove any dead or unwanted skin cells while giving the skin a fresh, clean feel. Next, a warm seaweed serum is brushed onto the body in an even layer. You are then wrapped snugly in multiple layers of plastic, cloth, and a thermal blanket which helps to slightly warm the body, allowing the detoxification process to begin. While the body is wrapped up warm and cozy, a staff member will apply a facial cleanser and facial mask. While the mask is hydrating the face, they perform a relaxing scalp massage. The service is finished by unwrapping the body and applying a hydrating lotion to the entire body.

Seaweed has many essential benefits to aid in your body’s natural detoxification process. You can book a seaweed detoxification session as little as once a season or as much as once a week. Allow yourself some much needed relaxation time and book your appointment today!