Summer is a season filled with joy. You picture warmth, comfortable shorts, parties and cold beet. But you likely also picture a perfect, glowing tan and smooth silky skin too. However, skincare and sun care are two different things and often clash against each other. After a long winter, everyone’s response to the sun is to soak in as much as possible to start recovering your vitamin D levels. But perhaps you should reconsider for the sake of sunburn, sweat and premature ageing all aggravating your skin.

Most folks try to overhaul their winter skin care regimen and while that is some of what you have to do, it’s good to do so with a measured hand. For changing too many variables at once, as we all know often results in confusion about which product is actually worth keeping and which ones isn’t. Radiance Day Spa can help you explore options for how to improve your skincare routine and alter it gently, one product at a time to find something that works to protect you from the stresses of the sun and other challenges you’ll face during the season change. 

Summer Skincare Begins During Winter Months

We know, you just switched up your skincare regimen to favor moisturizers and other more winter-friendly products. But now, you’ll have to start transitioning once more if you’re hoping for flawless, beautiful skin to greet the new sunny months with. Now, an important note to make is that a good skincare routine shouldn’t need an overhaul at the start of every new season. In fact, a good skincare routine is signaled by only having to change a few products to help your skin adapt to a different climate without much fanfare at the time. Additionally, as another word of warning, it’s best to allow your skin to attempt to adjust to the new weather without being over protective and trying to control how your skin reacts to a change in season.

For example, if you went out and purchased loads of really rich skin care items in order to prepare yourself for the winter, you’re not really improving your skincare. Pampering your skin too much and trying to prepare it for every possible oopsie from the weather makes your skin lazy and bad at adapting. Your skin should be adaptable and the products you use should only be helping it adapt, not protectively layering it. Allow your skin to experience the weather on your current skin care plan naturally for a few weeks, then address problems as they arise on their own. You can’t preempt everything, so let your skin write it’s own story before you start fixing problems that don’t yet exist. 

One Variable At a Time 

When you do stumble across an issue with how your skin is adapting to a weather change, it’s time to address it, however, you shouldn’t do so with a whole overload of your products that you use. Making careful adjustments and changing or adding a product every couple of weeks let’s you know without a doubt whether the product works or whether it just doesn’t work for your hair. Do it one piece at a time, but keep in mind that you should start changing to lighter moisturizers in summer months and helping your skin adjust to those early gives you a better sense of how your skin will do with other summer regimen products as the seasons transition. It’s a careful balancing act that’s made easier by only making small changes at a time. 

Keep The Sun In Mind

No one wants their skin to age prematurely and the sun’s UVA rays are really good at making skin wrinkle-up and start to resemble a raisin rather than smooth, beautiful skin. The best way you can go about addressing that is by wearing sunscreen of some kind all year round. While winter’s rays are weaker, they’re still present, and they pose a danger to the long-term health of your skin. Using products year round means that your skin has less to adjust to as the seasons change. Thus, we recommend a year-round application of an SPF 30-50 that can help keep your skin conditioned and provide long-term protection. If you’re particularly pale, you’ll likely need to upgrade in the summer to a heavier SPF, and in this case that should replace your winter moisturizer. Some people’s skin is more high-maintenance and will require more seasonal switches. Just take time to listen to what your skin is telling you and you’ll be able to toggle your care between seasons with ease. 

Don’t Go Burning

Soaking up the rays is one thing, getting turned into a human lobster is another thing. Tanning is a sign of damage in skin and if you’re very fair, you won’t want a tan. Sun damage is an all-around bad thing and should be avoided at all costs. Not only does it put extra stress on your skin for the season alone, it cause long-term and often irreversible damage. Keep your skin safe and it’ll give you consistent results and stay healthy longer. That means you’ll be investing in age defying creams less and worrying more about things you actually want to spend your money on instead. Care for your skin and be careful around getting too much sun. If you find you’re still getting burned after putting on considerable SPFs you may need to take some oral antihistamines and a hydrocortisone cream can help build up your defenses against the sun as well. 

Keep Your Skin Fresh With a Proper Facial

The best way to cleanse your skin and get rid of the winter gunk and product build-up that happens during those hibernation months is to invest in a fresh facial. We  offer a selection of facial treatments to address skin care concerns and help foster a radiance and glow from within your skin. A facial can help get rid of dead skin cell build-up, help with acne issues, give you an extra boost against the effects of aging and pamper you. For, as we all know, one of the most important things about skin care is fostering health from the inside out. If you’ve been stressed and unhappy about the lack of sunshine all winter, you may need a facial not just for the direct topical benefits to your skin care, but for the internal benefits to your skin as well. For relaxation, less stress and happiness all provide that same radiant quality a facial can give you, but it makes it last much longer. 

Schedule Your Facial Today

Your skin is one of the best ways to gauge your health. Care for your skin and your body with a relaxing and rejuvenating facial. Let’s resurface your skin and get you ready to take on a spring and summer season that will be full of accomplishments as well as fun and relaxation. Rinse winter out of your hair in the best way possible: a day at the spa. Reach out to us today to find out about any upcoming specials for someone in your life or for yourself now. 

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