Radiance Reward Points

As an incentive for being dedicated to your overall health and wellbeing, Radiance offers their guests reward points for every service received.  Each service is assigned a designated number of points and will be credited to your account upon payment.  You can receive discounts and special offers just for taking care of yourself!  It’s our way of saying thanks to our customers and recognizing your dedication to health.  Points are good for monthly offers only and are not transferable.

Be Well Series

Your quality of life is important to us. That is why we have implemented our “Be Well” series. We have designed this program to help you stay committed to your overall health and well-being. By signing up for this series you are committing to a regular opportunity to take care of yourself.

Here’s How it Works

You let a Radiance staff employee know you would like to join the “Be Well” series. Determine what series you would like to sign up for. (massage, facial, or nail) If you receive this service a minimum of once a month consecutively for 7 months. You will receive your 8th service free of charge!

  • You can join as many series as you would like.
  • One series service cannot be applied towards another series, they have to stay within that specific service category.
  • You may come in for that service as many times in a month and it will apply towards the accumulation of the complementary service.
  • You must come in at least once a month, no exceptions!
  • Service credit may not be applied towards another person’s account.
  • If receiving different types of services within that series, your complementary service credit will be applied towards the lower priced service.